Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hats, etc.

I finally was able to get out to the fabric store and pick up the interfacing I needed to finish my hats. But they WILL be done soon. One is finished, and the other three just need their poufs and Velcro. Can I get a whoohoo??! Everything is coming together SO cute.


~Aunt LoLo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Turning straps

So, after (literally) years of making aprons and wasting hours turning straps....,I've found a way to do it that DOESN't make me want to tear my hair out and strangle someone with it. Yes, I have wasted THAT much of my time turning straps. I'll be back later to tell you my new secret. Before I do that, please tell you have a favorite way to turn straps??


~Aunt LoLo

Monday, March 21, 2011

Every little step

When I have a big project, every little step feels like a victory. (This, I think, is because all projects around here must be accomplished by dozens of little steps!) Anyhow, today I got four apron/hat sets cut out. And even fixed a few small emergencies. (thank goodness for extra fabric!!)

Directional print, you mocked me once. Never do it again!! (name that butchered movie...)


~Aunt LoLo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom and Me Yoga-band skirts


This was the result of one nap time, and three un-needed t-shirts. My skirt is an XL men's Hanes shirt (I bought it months ago because it was cheap, high quality jersey) and my band is the bottom 8" of a jersey shirt that was quite tight on me, and just too short. 

Ming Wai's skirt is a size small men's t-shirt - one of Dad's cast-off's. (It has a mysterious schmear of gum or putty on the front that we couldn't wash out.) 

I have to admit, mine was a little frustrating to make...and reminded me why I so RARELY sew clothes for myself. See, four year old girls don't have any CURVES. It's quite easy to make skirts and dresses for a cereal-box shaped's quite another thing to try and find flattering seams for all a mama's curvy bits. Oh well - if nothing else, I think I just made myself a marvelously comfortable, and spring-y maternity skirt. Which would be great, if I were pregnant. Which I'm not. 

Pregnant, I mean. I'm not pregnant. (Do you hear me, Mom?)

~Aunt LoLo

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trial run of a hat!

A friend has ordered four apron and hat sets for four adorable littles. The only hitch is that...I've never made a hat. Until now!

I'll call this a success.


The fabric she chose is on it's way from etsy and I forgot to order Velcro or interfacing, so I'll need to head off to the store for those things. Can't wait to get started!

~Aunt LoLo