Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet: The Three Month Aprons

I’ve been going on and on and on about these aprons…and wouldn’t you like to see the finished product?


Of course you would.


Ages ago (back when the year was new), one of my husband’s friends contacted me. She wanted to work together to come up with some aprons for her son and his best friends. The aprons, she was sure, would be a hit with the kids. The matching hats, she was sure, would be a hit with their mothers for as long as the kidlets would keep them on. Heh.


I don’t remember what exactly took so long, but picking out fabrics was definitely a big part of it. There was the shopping around, waiting for things to be back in stock, finding another seller for a print that was not negotiable and then the process of picking out coordinating fabrics for the details. (Each apron is double sided, with the backside matching the pocket from the front side and the band on the hat.) The actual production of the aprons was pretty quick, and took about two weeks (including cutting, pressing, aprons and hats). There was one tense moment when I realized that I had cut a directional print…the wrong way. Do you think a little girl would notice if all of her Winnie the Pooh’s were laying on their sides? Yes? Luckily, there was a remnant of the fabric left that was just big enough to cut another apron front, the right way.


Unfortunately, that remnant was a mis-laid hat piece. Which meant I had to cut another hat piece out of the REAL remnant piece that I had already put away on my shelf. Whoops. 


Ready to meet the babies?





Fabric purchased here and here. Both shops were a delight, and I will be going back! 

PS – If you are interested in getting a set, I will work with you to pick out fabrics. The sets are $30 each, plus shipping.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ready to mail!

The apron sets are ready to go out!! I think it took three months to get to this point....but I guess that comes with the territory if being a mommy crafter. You tackle projects 10 minutes at a time!!
Ps- if anyone else is interested in purchasing an apron and chef hat set, they are $30 and I will work with you to pick out fabric ( which is included in the price). ~Aunt LoLo

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some bad news.....and some goods

First, the bad news. I have apparently lost my cake mojo. This is the second weekend in a row that I have made a tasty, and very ugly cake. (Last weekend it was a set of carrot cake cupcakes that drew giggles from every single adult who ate them. All 8 of us. They were that ugly. They puffed way up in the oven, and then just sort if deflated and overflowed and blew up. ) I have no idea what is going on, but that particularly mangled cake back there baked for an extra 15 minutes and is still just barely on the correct side of done. Tastes awesome, though. And now the good news.....I think I need to keep making cakes -lots and often - until I get my mojo back. Heh


~Aunt LoLo