Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Lunar Eclipse

Now, I realize that the lunar eclipse was a few days ago. And a lot of you probably saw it. But…if you were East of me, you might not have wanted to stay up until 2 am to watch the whole show…so, Danbury? This one’s for you.


You’re welcome.


I took these with my Canon Rebel, a tripod, my 10-second delay function (so I wouldn’t shake the camera) and my longest lens.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Pre-Christmas Panic

It is 10:48 on December 23. I had a few friends over tonight, plus a few family members, for a really fun bit of caroling around the neighborhood. I’ve spent the past few days shopping with the hubs – outlet malls and local malls – mostly shopping for clothes. All of a sudden my son has nothing that fits him in his drawers. Last Sunday was especially comical, with his shirtsleeves rolled up to hide the fact that they only came halfway down his arms.


I’ve got all the kids presents wrapped. The Christmas Cookies are baked. The stockings are planned for. But, still…there it is. The Panic just hit. I have no special breakfast planned – and what is Christmas without a special breakfast?! I have no new PJs for the kids – and what is Christmas without new PJs?! Didn’t Mom and Dad always have new PJs for us on Christmas eve so we’d look cute for our Christmas morning photos? I haven’t made the dresses for my nieces that my daughter wanted me to make (but I did make the prototype, for her). And what is Christmas without piles of handmade goodies for your nieces?!


I just feel the panic – that I didn’t do enough, that I didn’t buy enough, that I didn’t make enough. Does anyone else feel the panic? Or, better yet, is anyone else missing PJs/special breakfast/oodles of homemade and thoughtful gifts from their Christmas line-up? Go ahead and tell me. I can take it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I’ve Been Up To

So, there was a lot of this….. (30 loaves, at last count. What hasn’t been gifted away has been safely stashed in the cold box, waiting for its day to come.)

December 2010 070

Which led to a bunch of this.

December 2010 085

While the hubs was out of town last week, I sanded and primed this. (It was built a few weeks ago, during another of hubbie’s business trips, under the tutelage of a brilliant and generous friend. It will be a bookcase/window seat for Ming Wai when it’s done. Plans are here. We modified it to make it 4’ long.)

December 2010 071

There was a bit of this, which I will tell you more about later. It turned out so cute!!

December 2010 073

And of course, some of this. My own little Siu Jeun went and turned 2. I made him Dorie Greenspan’s Devils Food Whiteout Cake. It met with mixed reviews….but mostly meh. Which is a real shame! I think the chocolate was just a little too chocolate for us. Don’t let that discourage you, though. If rich, dark chocolate flavor is your thing…this is the cake for you! I think with some tweaking, this could be a very welcome addition to my party cake repertoire! It looks so very impressive when it is sliced open.

(Sorry for the photo quality. It was snapped, in the dark, with my Dad’s iPhone. Still…not bad for in the dark, with an iPhone! He had just blown the candle out, which is why he looks so thrilled. There’s a cake! On his high chair! And it’s CAKE! And there was FIRE! And now there’s NOT! And did I mention the CAKE?!)

photo (1)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LoLo Castle Gets a Little Christmas Cheer



December 2010 065

The poinsettia table…

December 2010 059

My new wreath. Can you guess what I made it out of? (Tutorial here.)

December 2010 060

The first nativity to enter my collection.

December 2010 061

The second and third nativities to enter the collection. It’s not much of a collection yet!

December 2010 064

The console table next to the front door. I’d love to add some lights to this little tree..

December 2010 068

And the only safe spot left in the house for our stockings.

Peace, y’all. Yes, stockings eight feet off the ground definitely brings me peace!