Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LoLo Castle Gets a Little Christmas Cheer



December 2010 065

The poinsettia table…

December 2010 059

My new wreath. Can you guess what I made it out of? (Tutorial here.)

December 2010 060

The first nativity to enter my collection.

December 2010 061

The second and third nativities to enter the collection. It’s not much of a collection yet!

December 2010 064

The console table next to the front door. I’d love to add some lights to this little tree..

December 2010 068

And the only safe spot left in the house for our stockings.

Peace, y’all. Yes, stockings eight feet off the ground definitely brings me peace!


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Oooooh, I love your wreath!

Myrnie said...

The camera settings look really good, you're right! :)

Me said...

Lovely blog :)
Really enjoyed stumbling across it :)