Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thing 29: The Pants from the Shirt that Made the Dress

Do you remember, a few weeks ago, when I made this dress for Ming Wai?


Just humor me here, ok? Tell me you remember it.

Got it? Good.  (I mean, how could you forget those fancy hands???)

So that dress was made from the body of a large men’s polo. The sleeves were saved.


For these.

IMG_6167 IMG_6166

They’re not perfect, by any means (the legs are different lengths!) but I am getting better at making these. The waist fits much better than some of the first shorts I made him.  And I’m kind of diggin’ this cropped length.

Also? Mardi Gras beads – not just for New Orleans anymore! (Gold is rather fetching with navy, though, isn’t it?!)


Jenni at Treacle & Ink said...

oooh I was hoping you'd post a picture of the front of the dress!

it's LOVELY!!

paige said...

Adorable!! and so resourceful! ;)

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