Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things 31 & 32: Halloween Costumes

After seeing a fabulous tutorial on ikat Bag this morning, I decided to just get my rear in gear and break out the sewing machine again. I hit a few speed bumps, but overall, I’m really pleased with my day’s work!


(Both costumes ended up being way too small on the bottom, but a few slashes, and a few extra triangles of fabric, fixed the issues!)


These certainly aren’t perfect, but Ming Wai, at least, adores hers! I finished it after she went to bed (since she wouldn’t agree to take it off before then!) and it’s a little more finished now. I used lemon-yellow flannel to finish all of the hems. I’ll get pictures of that later!

IMG_6316 IMG_6310

Siu Jeun is going to be Bam Bam for Halloween. He…wasn’t pleased about me stripping his clothes off him, and stuffing him into this thing. Heh.

IMG_6311  IMG_6313 IMG_6315

I might blow up this picture and frame it. It just makes me giggle!! (I know, I’m awful.)



martha puri said...

oh I love the tarzan costume.. looks so cute!

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Myrnie said...

Love them!! Want to sew my kids costumes? :P