Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unmatched Matchy-matchy Frames!

Confused? Check it out.


A quick trip to the thrift store…a pile of wooden frames in various sizes…and a can of spray paint. Voila! Matched unmatched frames.


I pulled a huge box into my driveway, and laid out my frames. Since they were all really inexpensive (read: CHEAP) I had to use a screw driver to open up the metal tabs on the back that held the frames to their insides. Once all the backs, fillers and glass plates were removed, I got started.


Ming Wai really, really wanted to help…but somehow, I didn’t think that handing a can of black spray paint to a four year old wearing all white would help anything. So, I did the next best thing. I gave her the camera!


Paparazzi, take it away!


(Hello, Crazy Tiny Manly Hands.)


(She takes good pictures! She, of course, kept the camera for the next half hour and proceeded to take 171 pictures of me, her shoes, leaves, the ground, my rear end, her feet, my legs, a tree, a bird, my get the idea.)


The frames are all put back together now…and it’s time to round up some pictures of the kids. I have a wall in the upstairs hall with one. lone. picture, right in the middle. (It’s a Black Apple print, so it’s not such a terrible thing…but, still. It’s lonely!) I hope to fill the wall with memories, faces and smiles. I can’t wait! (I’ve admired this type of frame grouping for…well, for several years now, but I’d never found a suitable cache of wooden frames to use.)


Myrnie said...

She DOES take nice pictures! (Got a little sass going on there, though... :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I did that a month or so ago with the picture frames in my hallway and it looks so much better now. Super easy and I was amazed at how nice glossy black paint made all my mismatched frames look. I've been meaning to paint the baseboards so that I can post a picture... but seeing as we're going on month two (or three?) who knows when that will happen!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I love this. I have a bunch of frames I want to do this to very soon. By the way, I had to laugh when you mentioned she took a photo of your rear end. I actually have a folder on my laptop devoted to photos my kids take and there is a whole 'series' of bum shots (seriously, we could trace the last few years by whose bums we have photos of). I thought it was just my twisted kids... ha ha!

Mama Papaya said...

That look from little miss frightens me for her teenage years.