Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Order Goes Out...

There is a little-documented phenomena that I first discovered when I was a child, busily transcribing my doings into little puppy-adorned journals at the end of the day: If I am having fun, I have absolutely no time to tell anyone else about it!

So, if things get a little quiet...just assume I'm having me some fun, alright? I've been busy! Really I have! Moving craft room headquarters, making up some gifts, finding new fabric for a quilt I'm working on...

For now, I'll just get you a little more up to speed with this:

A sweet lady in Florida ordered some fleece blocks from my shop for her little man. Since I didn't really specify a size in the etsy listing, and she didn't specify any preference...I made them in two sizes: Big, and Ridiculous.

Sure hope the little man likes them! Each block is made of fleece, stuffed with fleece scraps (because I really hate to throw anything away that could be useful!) and has three wee jingle bells sewn inside so the Thrower can't get lost while playing with them! (When I worked in Hong Kong, my trainer made sure there were a few jingle bells attached to my backpack, for this very same reason. My little 5'4" body couldn't keep up with her 5'8" one. Besides, she had the advantage - she had a head full of blond ringlets. It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to lose her in a sea of Chinese people! My second partner was Korean. I was toast. I lost her three times a day.)