Friday, August 7, 2009

A Wee Little Baby Quilt

Goodness, but I've been MIA, haven't I? I was waiting to post this until after it was presented to its new owner. The baby shower was a week ago. Think it's time to post yet?

This was a group effort. One girl sewed the patches into strips, and another girl sewed the strips together to make the quilt top.
My job was to quilt and bind the...quilt. (Confused?) I added a little surprise in the corner - can you see it?
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I used the tutorial for binding from Oh, Fransson, and it worked out so well.


Myrnie said...

It's wonderful!! I adore that little elephant...especially the tail. Careful now- once the word starts getting out that you are, in fact, quite TALENTED...well, the work will never end! :) Giving gifts is fraught with danger!

shelia said...

Really cute! love the colors too...this is one they can hang onto for years. My 18 year daughter still "sleeps" (of course she says she JUST needs it for warmth) her baby blanket with similar colors! :)

kirstin & jordan said...

Love the quilt (the elephant is too cute!).
Thanks for stopping by earlier... I think the cocktail napkins will be up later this week or early next week. Can't wait to try the tutorial!

Mamma Christine said...

Ooooh I love it!! I love that little elephant especially. So cute.

blogojan said...

wowwaaa... ww w w w wonderful!!

i like it!