Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ridiculously Proud of Myself

(Did you guess what I've been working on? They're Kitty Kapes! One of Lo Gung's co-workers requested some flannel capes to keep her feline friends warm this winter. She did a trade with us...a new video game for Lo Gung in exchange for two kitty kapes. Once I realized that I was being given the OPPORTUNITY to make a kape in exchange for a game that only Lo Gung would play...I got him to sweeten the deal with a new paper cutter for me. Now we're all happy! Come to think of it...last winter was so cold here, I'm tempted to make a cape for Siu Jeun as well! He crawls around on all could work!)
Now, this pile of loveliness right something that just makes me so very proud of myself. I love to sew aprons. These kitty kapes are quite fun to make as well. HOWEVER. I detest making ties, straps...whatever you want to call them. They are fiddly and never turn out straight, or I miss an edge when I'm sewing and have to go back over it...or I sew them inside out and am then stuck turning tiny little tubes inside out for half a day.
That's all about to change, my friends. Behold: 5 yards of skinny little ties!
These were really simple to make. I cut a white pillowcase open along the seams, then cut it into 1" strips. I sewed those strips end to end to make one ginormously long strip, then fed that strip through a 1/2" bias tape maker. After that, it was a simple matter of folding the tape over and sewing the entire length of it. Easy peasy! To make my ties, I just cut off whatever I need and sew it on to my project.
I love a happy ending!
Now, I just need to find a 2" or 4" bias tape maker so I can make up a BATCH of straps for my aprons...
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Myrnie said...

Love the bias tape bliss :) What kind of paper cutter are you getting?

Su said...


I have seen different ways of making tape, something like this:
that seems to make sense.... or maybe not?

Your way seems quite straightforward!