Friday, August 28, 2009

A Present for BBJ

A few weeks ago, when I was making this baby quilt for a friend, my daughter got two year old girls are wont to do.
She first wanted to know if the quilt I was working on was for her. (No.) Who is it for? (Baby Clyde.)
Then the kicker.
"Where's my present?"
(Only, it was way cuter because she has issues with her "s" sound, and they end up just being a sort of a nasal sort of a *snuffle*, and she really said, "Where's my pre'hjnent?" See? Way cuter. Moving on.)
Thinking quickly, because I rock like that, I assured her that she had a "pre'hjnent" in the works, and I would get to work on it just as soon as she left me in peace long enough to finish Baby Clyde's "pre'hjnent."
Score one for mommy!
Wanna see what I was talking about?
Click over here.
Go ahead. I'll wait.
Isn't it gorgeous?! A friend and I are following the tutorial and making twin-sized girlie quilts. (We modified the original pattern, which was a 3x3, to make it 3x4. We'll modify the sashing a bit, too, to make the quilts long/wide enough to cover a twin sized bed.)
Funny story - as we started gathering the vintage sheets we wanted to use, we scoured several thrift shops in the area. My friend even found a few gems when she went home to Ohio to see her folks. We were still short a few prints, but we started prepping what we had anyhow. As we went through our fabrics, my friend noticed that one of our fabrics (a green affair, with little pink and white flowers) was identical to one of the fabrics that the author of the tutorial had used. Weird, right?
It gets better.
I put out a call on our local Freecycle network to see if anyone had any old floral sheets languishing in their linen closets. Lo and behold, someone answered my call. When I went to pick up the sheets, guess what I found mixed into the bag.
The same green sheet.
Are there any linens experts out there that could tell me why every search for vintage bed linens seems to turn up this particular sheet??!
(Note - I'm so proud of myself because, today, I finished sewing up all those scraps in the shoebox below into 9-patch blocks. Woot!)
Do you see that lovely print, on the left hand side of the second row? That's the crazy sheet that everyone seems to have in their closets!
So, here's where I beg for y'all's input. If you clicked over to see the quilt tutorial, you would have noticed that her quilt has white sashing (the stripes between the little 9-patch blocks). I had intended to do white, but looking at the block in the picture above...there's already a lot of white going on. What color do you recommend?
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McVal said...

green or yellow?
Beautiful pattern! She's going to love her "present"! We love freecycle too!

Casey said...

I think white would look good but then again I'm partial to that "look." Yellow might also work... or light pink.

Myrnie said...

Another vote for white- I love breezy white quilts :)

Mary Helen said...

That is going to be one beautiful quilt. I also think yellow would be a goo dub for white.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is. And I like how you came out with a great answer, too.

When I get in a similar situation, I hesitate. Then my kids will ay, "Wanna take a second to think?"


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shelia said...

oh she is going to love it...i do!!!
there is something so soft and lovely about the old sheets...can't wait to see it for colors...still think i like white..but i'm not really sure...:0

Phiphi said...

It's going to make a very pretty quilt..and she'll love it...About the color maybe Green or yellow will look brighter..I guess..