Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thing 4 - Purple Pants

A friend came over for a playdate the other day. She walked in the door, and I swooped in to pick up her munchkin. "Wait!" she yelped. "He just poured a glass of milk in his lap!!"

No problem....threw the pants into the dryer and raided the stash to whip up a new pair for the little dude!!

His dad is a University of Washington alumni (Go Huskies!!!!) so when Liz saw the purple fleece, she knew it would be perfect. (UW colors are purple and gold.)

We followed my favorite pants tutorial, and 45 minutes later, the dude was pantsless no more! (Oh, they would have been done much faster....but my pieces of fleece were long and skinny, and...I cut everything with the stretch going vertically. Fine for the pants...reeeaaaaalllllly interesting when braiding the drawstring. We braided it for 20 minutes, and it quadrupled in length!)
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Myrnie said...

Cute pants :) I need to make some for Mimi!

LeeAnn said...

Wow! Spilled milk, no problem! Just whip up another pair of pants! You're good!!!

Kathleen said...

Cute pants! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.