Friday, January 29, 2010

Thing 6: Lovey Bags

When I saw a tutorial for these bags over on KoJoDesigns, it struck me as the perfect project for me: my kids love bags, it looked super fast and simple, and I had all the materials on hand!

I modified the tutorial a bit. (Come on - do I even have to tell you now? I canNOT follow directions!)

The original tutorial used four pieces of craft felt. Last year, I scored several large pieces of felt off of Freecycle, so I used those. Instead of cutting out four squares and sewing them together, I just cut the bag in one piece.

I wanted a bag with 7" sides, so I cut a square of fabric that was 21" on each side. (7 inches for each side, plus 7 for the bottom.) Then, I folded it into quarters and cut a 7" square out of one corner (the corner with the single layers, not the folded layers) to make a cross.

After that, it was a simple matter of appliqueing the initials on each bag, and sewing up the sides! (I had received a ton of ricrac in a Freecycle pick-up that morning, so I threw it on, too. Is it just me, or does ric-rac make anyone else think of alligator teeth?)

The drawstring is super simple - since felt doesn't ravel, I cut slits every few inches and threaded ribbon through. Easy peasy!

A note on the slits - since I wanted both ends of the ribbon to end up coming out of the holes, I made sure to cut an even number of slits.

Hopefully, over the next two weeks I can find some goodies to stick in the bags. They're not meant to be magic or anything...just a bag where we can all stick valentines for the kids. They get to open the bags on Valentine's day. Extra bonus - Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day this year, which means two things: 1) their grandparents will be here to celebrate and 2) there will be lai-sih (little red envelopes with money) and small oranges in the bags, along with whatever candy I round up. 'Cause nothing says "I appreciate you" like money and chocolate! (Right, ladies?)
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Simone said...

Very cute bags and perfect for pressies. Gotta love lots of pressies.

Myrnie said...

They turned out so cute...and now I'm going to think of Alligators chomping at my girls' ankles whenever I see last year's Christmas dresses.

Thanks a lot.

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