Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thing 26: A Pouf!

Ladies, and gentleman, I present to you…a pouf!

(No, sweet husband, it’s not a powf. If’s pronounced poof. Got it? Ok. moving on.)


I used this tutorial, from Living With Punks.  Her poufs were a little different – they had some rather smart looking piping around the edges. However, I had neither piping nor the patience to go out and buy some. So…no piping for me!

I learned a new trick with these – a way to make super strong handles! The fabric for the handles is folded twice, so it’s actually four layers of canvas. Also, see that nifty little x’d box there? That makes it really stick to the rest of the pillow. Neat, right?


My finished pouf is sitting in my daughter’s room, and I just ADORE it! The hardest part was stuffing it. I used some ripped foam filling that I scored off of Freecycle. Now, I love me some free, but that stuff makes a HUGE mess. And my three year old was helping me stuff. And my one year old was sneaking handfuls of the filling and launching it down the stairs. And I very nearly took the (unfinished) pouf, the “helpful” three year old, and the maniacal one year old and locked them all in the cellar to sort themselves out.

I didn’t.

But it was close.


(The fabric is a home-dec weight cotton from IKEA.)


Michele said...

i love it! and i love your choice of fabric! i need me one of these! thanks for the link!

Jenni said...

i think i'm just going to have to make one of these! what a great idea!

this post is definitely being bookmarked!

Su said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! I LOVE your pouf! If only I have the right fabric (and stuffing) for this. GREAT job.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

Hi! I'm a new follower, found you at "Living with punks"...

Becky said...

Awesome! I made two out of old sheets. I like your material WAY better. We are getting an Ikea store here in Denver this fall! I'm look forward to spending all my money on cool fabric from them.