Friday, July 30, 2010

Craft Fail…or Win? (Thing 27)

IMG_6928 IMG_6925

Do you see that blue dress? The one in the middle? I made it, during the afternoon. I got The Feeling, and I just had to go and MAKE something, or else I would explode. You do know that feeling, don’t you??

I dug through my To Re-Purpose Pile, and came across a long-sleeved navy polo shirt. Size Large, Men’s. Perfect! I grabbed a dress from my daughter’s drawer that always looks nice on her, traced it out, and started sewing! I was going to copy the sleeves as well….and then decided I just couldn’t be bothered. I also decided, after I had already cut it out, to attempt French seams. For the first time. From memory. (Heh. Yeeeaaaah…..)

I ended up with a rather cute dress, if i do say so myself, that is just a smidge tight across the chest. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to re-gift it to my (smaller) niece, or unpick the seams and re-do them sans “French.” (Since French seams are essentially one seam sewn around another seam, undoing the French-ness would give me nearly an extra inch around the chest!).

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the FRONT of the dress. My camera ran out of batteries as soon as we reached our destination, and when we got home again, it was time for bed. *sigh* The life of a blogger is tough!


Myrnie said...

Augh! More pictures please! What great light :) The dress turned out super sweet, it didn't look tight at all.

(Where are the jamming pictures??)

Andrea said... looks cute from behind!

Jenni said...

how adorable!

and i've added this blog to my blogroll of inspiration as i think it is a brilliant source of craftiness!

Su said...

That is a very cute dress :)

Simone said...

What a totally cute dress. I love repurposed clothes. Not much new here. Came back from visiting my parents and are adjusting to home life again. Oh, and me and my mates got into the Maker Faire in NY in September. I think my favorite attraction will be the diet coke + 4 mentos soda fountain display. I know you shouldn't play with food, but who knew that mentos could make diet coke virtually explode out of bottle. The East Coast misses you, but I'm sure you're relieved to have escaped our current temperatures.