Monday, August 2, 2010

A peek at the new LoLo Craft Room

After a bit of begging on our local Freecycle, a woman came through for me – a table for my craft room! Until I received this lovely Formica (sturdy!) beast, I could not sew a stitch! And now? I sew with reckless abandon.

(Just please don’t ask to see the rest of the room. It’s absolutely dreadful and barely walkable.)


Want proof? Here’s another neat find from Freecycle – seven bags of foam stuffing! (This is what I used for that little pouf the other day.) That takes up half the room right there!



Kiy said...

Drool, to have a whole room! I have claimed the large-ish walk-in closet in the guest room as my craft room. I have no idea where our guests will hang their clothes. They are on their own. :)

That table looks amazing!

Jenni said...

what a great find!

i don't have a craft room :( the second bedroom is used by my boyfriend as his music studio and i don't think we can ever have a place without an extra room for him - my days of a craft room are in the far distance!

Su said...

Come on... you know you want to show us the whole room ;P

I love all that sewing space you have.

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I want to see the rest of the room! hee hee