Friday, April 17, 2009

Aunt LoLo Needs YOU!

Ok, Peeps - here's my problem. I made an apron last night for a little 5 year old boy. After talking it over with his Mom, she decided that Skulls was hip and cool and would appeal to her Kindergartner.

After doing my first reverse applique project yesterday, to mend a pair of knit pants, I was pretty enamored with the whole idea of it. I decided to incorporate it into the apron. I embroidered the boy's first initial onto a piece of white cloth, cut a pane in the front of the apron, and double stitched around the pane to 1) ensure the applique wasn't going anywhere 2) give the fraying a place to stop.

I figured skulls were pretty informal, so I didn't want a neat and tidy little applique. I went with a sort of Steampunk/Rocker vibe.

Here's my dilemma: My husband hates the patch. I'm going to blame it on a lack of sleep, but he gave me a 5 minute monologue, complete with diagrams and wild gesticulations, explaining how the font of the "M" is too formal for the skulls, the frayed edges of the applique not frayed enough and the overall vibe too "sloppy" without looking intentionally so.

Since he's NEVER had such a strong opinion on anything I've made before, I decided to bring the problem before you - my loyal readers. My husband suggests taking out the embroidered "M" and replacing it with an appliqued "M" that is blockier, perhaps in a bright red. (He also took offense with the blackness of the "M" - too much black going on.)

What do you think, guys? Do you like the apron as is? Would you change it to a blockier M? Changing it really isn't tough, so it's not a big deal. Please be honest! I've never made an apron for a little boy that actually went to a little boy. (The other one is still in the shop - anyone need an apron covered in baseballs??)
(Oh, and please don't just dog on my sweet husband in the comments - we were both tired last night, and I didn't take offense at what he was saying. In general, he has much better taste in clothing and accessorizing than I do - that's why his comment made me stop and think!)

The apron:

A close-up of the "M":


Dan said...

I don't know if "diagrams and wild gesticulations" are in order, but I'm with your husband. Don't like the patch, block letter might be cooler.

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

I agree that it seems it needs something, but I'm not sure that totally removing the patch is in order. How difficult would it be to applique a pirate hat, some swashbuckling swords, or a skull and crossbones on the white space beneath the "M"?

Alayna said...

I think it would be cool if it was a block letter too. I think there is just too big of a white spot.

Shean said...

I with your hubby I think it needs a block letter in red. But could you make the M in red fabric with white skulls. I love the apron it is so hip.

Julie said...

I think incorporating more red would be nice, but I think you could keep it the same style or make it blocky. The apron looks terrific!

Myrnie said...

How about giving it a good wash and seeing what the fraying does? I agree, it needs a little more weight in the patch, but I like the reverse applique. :o)

Casey said...

I do think it needs to be a bit blockier. If it were me, I'd probably cut a block letter from the same fabric as the body of the apron (skulls) and applique it to the white.

Franzine Kafka said...

i know very little about crafts or things that are supposed to look nice, but i think the lettering style is wrong for the apron, and for a boy. it seems a bit feminine. i wonder if it might work better to make a smaller applique portion, maybe off center? i have a hard time picturing the red writing, so i am not sure what would actually go inside of it, but for some reason that large, centered white patch screams "woman" to me. the rest of the apron is cool.

Brianne said...

I definitely think the "M" is too girly and that there is too much white space. I'm with some of the others who have suggested using fabric to make a block letter instead. I think the embroidery is too feminine and not large enough.

Overall, the apron looks great! I'm sure its recipient will love it.

Su said...

I think it's a great apron!
I can see how using a fabric with a blockier font will amp it up.
Great job on the reverse applique. Fraying it more will make it edgier, more boyish.

Christy said...

Block letter!