Friday, April 3, 2009

Go Make A Skirt!

OK, this isn't my tutorial, but I had to save it in a safe place. A fierce skirt, with an elastic waistband? I'm in!

Find the tutorial for the Punky Petticoat here. at Urban Threads. (If you love fresh embroidery patterns, by the way, check out their shop. Where else can you find zombies that dream of cupcakes and bunnies that eat crafts for lunch??!)


Christy said...

That is a great tutorial! Can't wait to see what you make!

Anonymous said...



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LollyChops said...

WOW!!! That skirt is KILLER! I'll have to see if MomChops can help me with it AND I need it way longer than that. I cannot stand to have any ankle showing. I am OLD fashioned like that.

Thanks for the link Auntie!

Shean said...

Thank you for the link I can't wait to try that out.

shelia said...

thanks for the it and i think my teenager will too!