Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finished Products

It has been too long, y'all...too long, since I showed you what I've been working on! With my husband home for two weeks, and a vacation thrown in for good measure, I just haven't been updating you guys on my crafty activities. Rest assured, though - there have been crafty activities!

(I apologize that none of these pictures are great. They were either snapped by the husband on a point and shoot, or hastily shot with the larger DLSR while trying to avoid the two year old trying to get in the shot!)

First off, remember these aprons? This was a custom order for a friend - a matching Mommy apron and two toddler aprons. I think they turned out pretty cute!

This one was a custom order for a friend's daughter. The girl turned 7 a few weeks ago, and her mother took her to the fabric shop to pick out her own fabric. I think we were all surprised that the girly-girl picked out brown and yellow, but I think the apron turned out sweet, anyhow! (I over-estimated the size of a 7 year old's waist, compared to my toddler's waist. That bow around the middle goes around her waist three times!! Better too big than too small, right?)

(I'm looking for creative ways to shoot my aprons without having my daughter model them. There are some aprons that are just too big for her. What do you guys suggest?? This hanging on the door thing isn't doing it for me....)

This apron was for a sweet lady who won it on 5 Minutes For Mom's Ultimate Blog Party. I love orders like this - it just had to fit a 9 year old girl. I used a vintage sheet I found while thrifting the other day, and I think it turned out really sweet!!

Finally, just call me The Dolly Doctor. I've taken on a little mending for a friend. This is the first project I can cross off my list from the pile. The doll was handmade by her Grandma and my friend never played with it, but her own daughter loves it. In the process of all that love, one of the legs had come off of the body, and the hair had been completely removed. (Do you know how difficult it is to figure out how a head of yarn hair goes back on?! The front and the back look remarkably similar.)

As a side note - don't you just love those eyebrows?! She looks like she's got secrets...but she's not telling.

On the plate for this week: a set of burp cloths and a baby blanket for one of my husband's co-workers, more mending (simple stuff, but I'm going to try a reverse applique to fix a hole in a pair of knit stretch pants - any suggestions??) and an apron for a little boy. I'll keep you posted!

(Oh, and a quick welcome to my new followers this week. I hope you guys enjoy your time here!)


Su said...

wow, oh, wow! You've been busy. I love all that you've done, but am in love with the matching apron and two toddler set.

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Anonymous said...

Love the eyebrows—secretive.

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Anonymous said...

your aprons are beautiful. Love the mini toddler aprons too. Great colours!

Jessica said...

A.Dor.A.Ble! I LOVE those little mommy and me aprons. And the monograms? I nearly cried. Super cute.

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Weezy said...

So when are you going to make the girls and I matching aprons? The ones you made are super cute!!!