Wednesday, May 19, 2010

QIP: Hedgerow quilt, arranged!


That? Is one. large. quilt. Each block is about 12” square.

I finished half of the vertical sashing today. More pictures later! (Sorry for the weird lighting. I roped Lo Gung into helping me arrange it all after the kids went to bed on Monday night. He has a great eye for color and mixing patterns! Besides, we both knew that if I did it on my own, and he didn’t like the end result, I’d throw a major hissy fit. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. *grin*)


Casey said...

LOVE this. Wow! Is the sashing going between each block or just on the edges?

Myrnie said...

Is that black or navy?


Catherine Hansen Peart said...


Su said...

Pretty amazing. That's going to look wonderful when you are done!