Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thing 20: Lemonade Dress!

I'm sorry - this is the best picture I have of it! I saw this tutorial over at Ruffles and Stuff and knew that I had to try it out. This? Is the basis of my Summer Uniform. At the moment, I have a very limited number of thread colors on most of my colored shirts are safe. The black and white ones, though? They are cowering in fear. Their days as tee-shirts are numbered, y'all. 

(If anyone is local, I'm leading a session on Wednesday morning for our Relief Society "Crafty Playdate", and we're making these dresses. Let me know if you need more info!)

(This is Boston! We took a quick overnight trip with my husband's aunt and uncle. Boston, you're beautiful and I LOVE you.)

The bonnet was a NYC Chinatown find a few weeks ago, and the sandals are a throwback to my Pacific Northwest Days. Lo Gung declared me Utterly Pacific Northwest. I said 'thank you.'


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Yay, Boston!! We will be there in two weeks time... the countdown is on.

Brianne said...

Awesome dress. I wish I could come to your crafty play date.

Julie said...

Love the dress! What a great idea.