Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Pioneerish Apron

This is kind of a surprise, but...since the recipient of this apron probably doesn't read this blog...I'm probably safe. (Besides, I couldn't figure out how to photograph the apron so you could see it properly, so I'm sure she'll still be surprised when it arrives in the mail!)

My little sister is participating in Trek in a few weeks. Trek is a youth activity at church that, over the span of three days, marches youth ages 14-18 across a large piece of land, reenacting circumstances from the pioneers' trek across America. This includes, but is not limited to, dressing in appropriate period clothing, eating appropriate period food, washing your hair with lye soap, packing only 17 pounds of gear per person, and carting it all in a handcart.

My job was to make an apron. What do you think?

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shelia said...

how neat! i think that sounds really like a fun and interesting experience. You apron in perfect! :)