Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Ultimate Reversible Apron

Last week, a friend approached me and asked me to make an apron for her sweet little girl, who is turning 2 in a few days. I was so excited! She's a beautiful little girl, with bright blue eyes and a smile that melts your heart.

Since her mom knows her best, she went and picked out the fabric - two identical prints in pink and purple. When I saw them together, I knew it was time for me to make the Ultimate Reversible apron.

She wanted a chef-style, to keep as much gook off of her little baking helper as possible, with a large pocket to hold all her Friends and Stuff.

I wanted it to be completely reversible, with a large pocket on both sides, so she could be purple if she wanted, or pink.

I am so proud of how this apron turned out. It seems impossible for me to make them perfect in just one pass. With this apron, I finished it Monday night, held it up for Lo Gung's inspection, and he looked at it...and said, "The pocket's crooked!"

Sure enough, the way I tried to put pockets on both sides had Failed.

Thank goodness for a tutorial I ran across a few months ago - how to rip out seams. I never thought there was an art to it, but there is!! I took out all the seams I needed to in just a few minutes, pinned it all up straight, and had another go at it...and I'm in love. (Of course, I can't find the tutorial now. If you'd like to know how to rip out seams QUICKLY, let me know and I'll put up my own tutorial. Or maybe it's just me that seems to rip out 1/3 of all the seams I sew!)

I'll have to make some more of these to put up in the shop. (By the by, that etsy update I promised a few days ago is coming. Check back here later to find out what they are!!)

What do you think? BBJ is already a big fan!


Myrnie said...

Well now, I'm waiting for instructions on that blue dress you've so discreetly hidden...because I'm pretty sure you made it! Cute apron- I like the stream-lined look :)

Su said...

Very nice! I like how the straps that goes around the neck, are different colors. Maybe around the waist too? I think so.

Really, truly reversible!

Brianne said...

I love reversible. I can always guarantee myself that I will need to rip out at least two seams of any project. I've gotten pretty good at it which is kind of sad.

Phiphi said...

This is truly great idea..I mean how you made even the pocket is reversible...Love the color combination too