Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Pair of Trousers

During the week, I came across a tutorial over at KoJo Designs to make pants for your little one. (If you've never seen their site, by the way...GO. Gorgeous ideas for parties and weddings. So inspiring!) Hers, of course, were hip and eco friendly and awesome - she made a little pair of yoga pants for her dude out of one of her husband's old t-shirts.
Like I said - Awesome.

Here, the weather has turned chilly - we have a high of 56 one day this week. I needed something a bit more substantial than a t-shirt!

I dug through my stash and came up with a cheap fleece blanket I picked up at Goodwill last Spring. I had intended to cut it into strips to use as filling in my fleece baby blocks. Since I hadn't needed it up to this point, I figured the blanket wouldn't mind being a pair of pants before it became stuffing in a block!
I think the trousers came out rather cute! I used a pair of his sweatpants as a pattern.

The drawstring is three long narrow strips of fleece, braided together. (So, so clever!!)

The pants fit great, and kept my little dude warm.

Please ignore the bits of food on the floor. He's playing underneath the kitchen table right after lunch. How can I tell it's right after lunch? The ants hadn't finished carrying away the leftovers yet. Those little dudes are industrious! And fast. Very, very fast. No wonder the grasshopper wanted to free-load off of them!

Unfortunately, my fabric choice could have been a bit better. Crawling babies are rough on the knees of their pants. I'm seeing the wisdom of sweatpants material! (What is that stuff called?) By that evening, the pants were already pilling up. Oh well! They're fabulous around-the-house lounge pants. I'm thinking of making up a pair for me, next!
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McVal said...

Adorable! I've been repurposing some old fleece blankets into ponchos for some nieces. Hopefully if I can get my camera to stay charged, I can blog about my first one this week.

Myrnie said...

Love the pants- they look so cozy!!

kirstin & jordan said...

I LOVE these... love them! I need to make a sweatshirt version of these little pants!
And thanks for your little referral at the beginning of the post- you're too kind. :)
ps- I'd never really sewn pants before either- it's a little tricky, huh? Any tips for wording that better? Also, did you feel like once you figured it out this time, it'd be much easier next time (that's how I felt...)?

kirstin & jordan said...

haha- loved your comment...
my email is kojodesigns{AT}hotmail{dot}com, but I'll put it on the profile as well. :)
and you're right- totally tricky at the leg part. :)

Su said...

Love it!

I bet you could put funky knee patches on them to make them more durable (and cute!)