Sunday, September 27, 2009


Do you remember watching Peanuts when you were a kid? The old Snoopy cartoons?

There's a kid on the show called Pigpen. He's a nice enough kid, but people kind of avoid him, or compensate, because he has this CLOUD of dust that follows him. Everywhere.

Why do I bring it up?

Oh, no reason.

(See those size three jeans over on the side there? They're a part of my CLOUD.)

Crafting has been to a minimum lately. With these two tailing my every move, and the smaller one taking two 30 minute naps during the day...pulling out the scissors and thread is a risky proposition, at best!

At night, once they're all down...I'd really rather just lay on the couch with Lo Gung and watch So You Think You Can Dance or Project Runway!

The other day, though, I snapped. I had to create something, or I'd go nuts. I had to make something that they wouldn't eat, lick, destroy or throw on the floor.

So I sat down and made a birthday banner for the lass, and a new pair of trousers for the wee lad.

Aaah. Much better.

Now. Where were we?
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Myrnie said...

Oh, I am SO there with you! :) I keep thinking "But I have so much TIME at night!" Yes...but I really don't want to get off this couch :)