Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BBJ's Quilt

We're making progress, y'all! I really hope to get the top of this quilt pieced together this week. I've had the little 9-patch blocks done forever, but I froze after that.
I decided on an unbleached cotton for the sashing, and I'm really excited about how this is coming out.
The original pattern made a lap-sized quilt. I'm stretching it a good two feet longer to make it into a twin-sized quilt for BBJ's bed. Instead of 9 9-patch blocks, I added an extra row to make 12. I've also added an extra inch to the horizontal sashing, plus an extra inch to the external vertical sashing. (I promise that will all make sense when you see the finished quilt!)
The fabric for the blocks are all vintage bed linens. The sashing is unbleached cotton, from IKEA.
I'm just loving how this is turning out!!
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Myrnie said...

THOSE BLOCKS ARE TINY!! And 12 of them will make a twin-sized bedspread??

Franzine Kafka said...

very cute

Casey said...

I really like all the patterns in the sheets. I think I even recognize a couple! It must have taken you forever to cut out all those squares. Good job! I'm excited to see the top put together. :)

Su said...

That's very exciting. I can't wait to see how it turns out.