Monday, October 5, 2009

A Birthday Banner

For the past year or so, I have been admiring various banners that I've seen online. They looked like they could be so easy. But, there was always other projects to take precedence.

Until September.

Daddy was at work, the little girl's birthday was fast approaching, and I knew I would blow a gasket if I didn't sit down and make something that couldn't be eaten, ripped or otherwise maimed.

Enter - the birthday banner!
I made this quick and dirty - literally. I sat down on the floor and, with children crawling all over me, quickly cut 13 triangles out of a long strip of magenta felt. ( I found it in my came from a freecycler. I had visions of a poodle skirt for BBJ, but...really? Where would she wear a poodle skirt? I had to be practical, dahling.)

And that was all I was able to do without snipping off some toes in the process.
I waited until the kids had gone to bed, and convinced Lo Gung to help me finish - he has words if my projects aren't neat and I told him to draw the letters out himself. After he had drawn them out onto sheets of acrylic felt, it was a simple matter of cutting them out and gluing them on!

The next morning, I used a straight stitch to sew the little pennants onto a long strip of binding that I had made from an old pillowcase and then sewn shut, for a previous project. (It made great ties for kitty kapes!)

Easy peasy!

Do you think I need another banner for the boy? Or is he Man enough to handle pink Birthday Wishes...
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Myrnie said...'s not pink, it's...burgundy! Siu Jeun will love it :)

Andrea said...

He's totally man enough for a pink banner.

shelia said...

so festive!
i love those banners :)

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I have so been meaning to do one of these. Looks great!