Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something Wicker This Way Comes

That's my mantle right now. Do you like it? Oh, wait - you've got to see this.

It's my niece, Bookie. The picture was a gift from her parents...and just seemed to scream to be added to my Halloween decor. Heh.

The other day, I found a smallish wicker wreath at Christmas Tree Shop for only $1. A dollar, y'all! I knew that, for a dollar, I could definitely try my hand at wreath making again.

I'm kind of in love with the idea of decor that will last through several seasons, with "changable suits of apparel", if you will.
So far, I've made this little guy a ghost, a jack o' lantern, a candy corn, a black cat (what? you couldn't tell?) and a pink-eyed bat. I cut them all out of eco-friendly craft felt (the ones made from post-consumer plastic) and glued everything together. Then I glued 15" pieces of ribbon onto the backs so I could tie them onto the wreath. The whole project took about 20 minutes.
Easy peasy! Now, I need to make a cornucopia...a turkey...maybe a pumpkin pie?
*The bow is from a stash of bows I made up last year. They're great for decorating, and can be used on packages over and over. I might use a few to tie our stockings to the banister this year, out of the way of grasping toddler hands! They're easy to make, or I still have a few available in my shop.
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Su said...

Looks great! I would like to try my hand on wreath making too!