Monday, October 12, 2009

Tute: Baby Leg Warmers

This has got to be the quickest tutorial known to man. However, it's been a while since I've seen these little gems making the rounds. Perhaps it is time to resurrect the leg-warmer?

These little leg warmers are awesome for babies and toddlers. They protect little knees when infants are learning to crawl, and stretch out the "wearability" of the summer wardrobe just a leeetle further, by adding long sleeves or long "pants" to those cute summer jumpsuits and skirts.

First, gather your supplies.

You'll need:
1 pair ladies knee-high socks (Use children's knee-highs if you are making these for a bitty baby.)
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Straight edge ruler
Sewing machine or serger

Here's my pile, all ready to be sewn! Remember, when you're sewing to not stretch the fabric out. If you do, you'll get a weird ridge around the ankle (or wrist, depending on how you wear them).

Also, please note: If you would like the ankle (or wrist) to be a bit more snug, you can cut your "foot tube" open (top to bottom) to make it into a long, fat strip. Then, trim a bit off the short end, and sew it back together. Proceed as outlined above. If you're not serging these, you can "finish" the raw edges with a zig zag stitch.

Or just leave them. Whatever floats your boat.

And what would a tute be without some action shots? (Sassy legs provided courtesy of my eldest child, circa January 2008.)

*Note: I got the above-pictured 4-pack of ladies knee-highs at my local warehouse store for around $10. Around holidays, you can often find themed knee-highs at bargain stores for a few dollars. If you ever see knee-highs that would work for a boy, stock up - they're a rare breed, as men tend to not wear colorful knee-high socks. *ahem* Also, fluffy socks are a bear to work with. I recommend you stick to the thin-knit kind.
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Brianne said...

Another way to make the bottom cuff smaller is to just cut the foot portion to about 2.5" wide and sew up the opening, right sides together. Turn it right side out and then just follow the rest of the directions as written.

Thanks for the quilting tips. I actually was already planning to use the Oh Fransson tutes for the end of my quilt so that's funny that that's what you used. I tried to get the darning foot today, but due to an unruly toddler combined with a long-winded customer ahead of me (think 20 minutes, no joke), I did not get it. Bummer. It took me like 6 hours to quilt my last quilt that was only lap size, so I'm hoping my twin one doesn't take too long :-).

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Su said...

Cute!!! :)
What a great idea