Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going GREEN (and a deal alert)

In this week's Christmas Tree Shop circular, I noticed that they had Martha Stewart craft paper punches (regularly $9.99) in stock, for $3.99 a piece! So, I packed the kids up and included Christmas Tree Shop in our whirlwind errand outing. They had two designs in stock - an aster, and an edging punch. I chose the aster.
The next day, while BBJ slept, Siu Jeun and I went upstairs to have a little fun. I've decided that card making could be a really good hobby for me - if I know what I want, I can go from cupboard to done in about 10 minutes. Since that is approximately the same length of time as Siu Jeun's ability to play by himself without investigating what I'm's a perfect fit!
This card, obviously, is super simple. Three asters punched out of the right side, and glued onto the left. A piece of scrapbook paper on the front, and a matching one glued inside. Easy peasy! Then, because I had used black paper for the card itself, I glued a piece of white (printer) paper inside for writing on. Snazzy, yes?

I also carved out a few minute to cut out the binding for BBJ's quilt. It was only when I put them together that I realized...I might be feeling a little green right now. Is it the flu season, or just a perverse desire to keep summer around a little longer?

(The quilt is almost done! The binding is sewn onto one side - I just need to hand stitch it down on the backside, and I'm DONE. I finished about half of the hand sewing last night, during So You Think You Can Dance. What's on tonight??)
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Su said...

I LOVE it!
Very classy design.
Have you found envelopes that fit those? I make cards only once in a while, and I usually have trouble with finding the right envelop to fit the card

Myrnie said...

So pretty! Love the aster, love the paper. (Love Freecycle :)