Thursday, November 19, 2009

GIVEAWAY: A button for you

My dear friends, first of all - have you entered the giveaway at Be Different...Act Normal, yet? Time is running out for you to win your very own handmade LoLo Craft apron!

Second, and on a related note - I have mastered the ancient ninja art of creating a grabbable button. (Yes, that's a word. "Grabbable" = to possess the quality of being easily grabbed. Go look it up.)

Lorie, from Be Different...Act Normal, contacted me a few nights ago and asked if I had such a thing as a button about me, such as would connect a blog reader to my etsy shop?

Well, my friends, I do have such a button...but I quickly realized tt the buton showed off my lovely burpcloths...which are no longer stocked in my etsy shop.


You do see, don't you, how that simply would not do?

With my trusty hubs by my side, a full hour of So You Think You Can Dance on my DVR, and my laptop in, lap, I set forth to create such a button as would serve my purpose.

Not only did I create a button, but I made it grabbable so that you, too, can grab my button...should you wish to lead readers to my etsy shop.

(As I wrote that, I realized how slim a possibility there is that my readers would like their readers to shop. Never mind that. Just rejoice with me that I figured out how to do it, m'kay? Thanks!)

Now, should you wish to grab this lovely button, look over on my sidebar. Do you see over there, a little button that says "LoLo Craft"? Yes? Good. Now, just below it is a little text box full of gibberish. If you would like to add my button to your blog, go to your blog, and under the Layout tab, choose to Add a Gadget. Select the "HTML" gadget, and copy and paste my gibberish into that HTML gadget. Hit "Save" and voila! My button is on your sidebar.

NOW, if you've stuck with me this long...I have a special present for you, dear readers. As an early Christmas present to you, I will make a grabbable button for 10 readers. The button can link to your shop, to your blog...whatever. Whatever you would like to advertise...or let your friends advertise for you. Just leave a comment, and find a photograph you would like me to use. Preferrably something that represents your shop/blog/site, with a nice solid color somewhere on it for me to fit in the name of your shop/blog/site.

If there are significantly MORE than 10 comments on this post, I'll draw names. :-)


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm not sure where to enter for your apron giveaway, but add my name to the pot! Your aprons are adorable!

The Fifes said...

me me me! :) let me know if i'm picked, and i'll send an image to you-- let me know how many pixels. :) Merry Christmas to you too!