Saturday, November 14, 2009

Support Handmade

My you see that little button up there? (And over there on the sidebar? You do? Good. Just checking.)

The dear, dear ladies over at Wee Folk Art are compiling a list of small shops that specialize in the handmade and the homemade and the wonderful. LoLo Craft is now a member of this directory, and I'm just delighted!.

If you have a moment, might I invite you to peruse the list? You might find something lovely that you never knew you needed, or something marvelous that Great Aunt Betsy will love, or something fabulous that your favorite sister has been looking for all year. You never know!

Support Handmade...'cause it's swell.

(If you would like to be included in the directory, follow the directions on Wee Folk Art and e-mail your information to Michelle. Happy Crafting!)

PS - One you're over at Wee Folk Art, take your time! The generous lovely ladies over there have a lot of gorgeous patterns and tutorials, all free! Everything from crafts to appliques and embroidery patterns to tiny'll find it all there. Share the wealth.

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