Monday, November 9, 2009

NBPM: Day 9 - Snoods

(Zara Cowl Neck Collar. $29.50)
(Photo from

Yes, you heard me. Snoods. Word has come to me that they are the next Hot Thing, and that designers across the board are counting on them to carry their Christmas accessories sales.

Ever heard of a Snood?

Think of the biggest cowl neck you ever saw. Now take it off of the sweater, and set it on your head.


Half scarf, half babushka. WSJ reading father thinks etsians everywhere should jump on this bandwagon. What do y'all think?

To snood...or not to snood?


Brianne said...


Back in the day, like 5th grade or something, a snood was one of those net pouches that you put the end of your pony tail in. It was attached to a rubber band. You put your hair in a pony tail and put the tail part in the bag. My friend had one. She was super cool. I was not.

Su said...

For an tall, ethereal blond... yes.
For a short, little asian... no.


Myrnie said...

I'm with Brianne- snoods were little pouches to stick your hair in. I'm not sure about the snood thing...but then again, when have I been afraid of making something I'd never ever wear? :)

I'm feeling a shop update coming on ;)

McVal said...

Snood for sure! I'm on it!

--ginger. said...

Hmmmm. I'm really mixed over here. I live in a windy town, so the practical piece of this is alluring--but the whole I-am-so-dramatic-about-my-ear-coldness part makes me feel like everybody would stare. In a bad way. But don't listen to me because I am always about 3 and a half years behind. I'll probably have 15 of these in 2012.

JHill said...

Heh. Feeling a little superior now. I made myself a circle scarf and was going to wear it like that outside one day when it was chilly. Everybody told me looked like an idiot. Looks like I was just ahead of the curve. :P

Johanna said...

The red dangle things on a turkey are called snoods as well, I see the resemblance so I'm not sure if I could pull it off :)

The Fifes said...

ummmm... i think not. But i'm pretty simple in my fashion. So maybe i'm behind, yes, i'm pretty sure i am. But i don't think you'll find me wearing one of these. Doesn't seem to fit chasing-after-kids lifestyle. But that's just me.