Thursday, November 5, 2009

I love the postman

Woohoo!! Monday afternoon was a Banner Day at the mailbox. My daughter helped me get the mail, and when she saw the inside, she said, "Ooh, mommy! Presents!"

Inside the box was one piece of junkmail, and three packages. All for me!

The two books pictured came from the lovely Ms. Hoppo Bumpo, Liesl. I won one on her blog, and was thrilled to discover she'd thrown in the second book! That package came all the way from Australia.

The second package in the pile came all the way from Canada, from Su at Vively Online. I won a gorgeous black leather brooch on her blog. (She made it from black leather salvaged from a broken handbag. Genius!) Just because she's sweet, she threw in the adorable pink flower clippie for BBJ, and a sweet little bow tie for Siu Jeun!

Finally, the last package came from California, from Lo Gung's cousin. She's part of a weight loss group that I started this year. There are 9 of us, and we all set a goal in January. The deal is: report in weekly, do your best to lose the weight (adjusting your goal as necessary!) and meet your goal by 12/31. If you do, the other ladies in the group promise to send you a present! Snazzy, right? Anywho, Miss Awesome Cali Cousin made me that totally rockin' potholder up there, and threw in a bamboo/silicone scraper and a set of measuring scoops (in orange!) just because she's neat like that.

Such a wonderful day!
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