Monday, May 25, 2009

A Birthday Present for a Princess

The other day, my sweet little BBJ (my two year old daughter) had her very first drop-off birthday party. I was so excited!! Granted, there was just time to run home, have lunch, and go back and pick her up, but...still! The possibilities! (And the sheer bravery of the birthday girl's mom!) There were four little girls invited, and they all wore their prettiest frocks, ate chocolate cupcakes, pulled strings on a pinata, and decorated itty bitty loot bags with their names and stars and castles and fairy wands...

...Oh, and don't forget all the candy that was in the loot bag. I hid that in the cupboard...and BBJ has forgotten all about it by now. (It comes in great for "incentives"!)

I knew that I wanted to make something for the birthday girl...I've got a reputation to uphold, donchaknow!

I decided on one of these:

It's based on the crayon rolls that are so popular with crafters, but I added long ties to either side, to make it an apron.

I think this turned out really sweet!

Birthday Girl has her own little artist easel, so I thought this would be a handy thing for working on her masterpieces.

Is there anything happier than a long row of brand new crayons???

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Myrnie said...

So cute! I'm sure she loved it.