Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Gift for my Mother

I had the good fortune to have my father visiting with us earlier this month. He lent a hand while we ran errands, watched the two littles so Lo Gung and I could go out for dinner...it was marvelous.

I didn't get much crafting in while he was here - who wants to sew when they could be talking their father's ear off, instead! However, I was able to put together a Mother's Day present for him to take home to my mother.

I found the yummiest cotton...it was so soft, it just begged to be made into napkins.

These napkins are only one layer, instead of my usual two. (I didn't want it to feel like a lap quilt instead of a napkin!) You can see my *ahem* creative solution for the Flapping Corners.

If you were to number the sides of the fabric, in order, clockwise - 1,2,3,4 - I folded, pressed, and folded again sides 1 and 3. I then did the same with sides 2 and 4.

When I stitched around to keep everything hemmed and tidy, I turned a little square over each corner, to take care of the extra fabric that was in there from the (*couting in my head*) 8 layers on each corner.

I think they turned out pretty great!

Now, please be honest - what color are these napkins?! My mother and I disagree on this point. (I'm not going to tell you what color I think these are...I don't want to sway you.)

(Oh, and Mom? Feel free to chime in. :-))


Myrnie said...

dark grey

shelia said...

ahhhhhhhh (feel like i'm walking into a trap about the color)...grey! (did i guess right?)

by the way...i love the corners. they are really pretty!

Simone said...

ahem, slate?