Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Spring Swap Goodness Goes Out!

I recently participated in a crafty swap on the 6 o'clock stitch. I've been waiting to show you what I sent out, but since my swap partner in India has already received hers, I can only assume that it's no longer a surprise!

When I think of spring, I think of clouds of butterflies...bright open spaces...possibilities...and simplicity.

I cut these little butterflies out of my most springy-est fabric, and then ironed them onto a plain white background with Wonder Under.

I embellished with some black embroidery floss, and gave them little feelers so they'd look more like butterflies and less like pressed flowers.

I was pretty happy with how these little samplers turned out! I've heard back from my partner in India that she has plans for hers - it's destined to decorate a cute summer bag!

What would you do with something like this??