Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Package from Home

I want to tell you a quick story. Yesterday, I was not having a great day. (Granted, my day was much, much better than the other people involved in this story...but that didn't make me feel much better!)

You see - my father ought to have arrived last night, and been here this morning when my kids woke up. OUGHT to have been. There were weather delays...and mechanical delays...and he ended up at the airport for hours, with nowhere to go. He eventually booked himself onto an early flight the next morning, and went home. I was really disappointed. His trip had already been trimmed by a day on the other end, by a scheduling conflict back at home.

To top it all off, I made fresh bread yesterday...I paid attention to every detail, and I knew the bread would turn out great. The timer went off just as my father called to give me an update on his flight status. I saw my husband hop up and I was grateful to him for grabbing the bread out for me. Only...he didn't grab the bread out. He turned the oven off, and left the bread in there. I should have checked, I should have told him...shoulda, woulda, coulda.

(The bread turned out fine, by the way.)

After I heard that my father wasn't going to make it at all on Monday, I headed outside to get the mail. There was a package headed my way...and I wanted it. Now. I told my husband that if the package was there, then I'd be happy. "And if it's not?" I gave him an ominous look, and said, "Get the jelly beans ready. I'm going to need them."

Of course...there was no package. I nearly started crying, coming down the driveway. Just as I had given up all hope (melodramatic much?) I saw my neighbor heading towards my door...with my package! The heavens opened, the angels sang...and I explained to her how happy I was to get my package. (I think she's put me down as nuts by now. Oh well.)

Inside the package were all sorts of lovely things...my father had printed off nearly 200 pages worth of patterns that I won from YouCanMakeThis.com. My sister, bless her heart, threw in so many goodies, it felt like Christmas! There were two embroidery hoops, a parenting magazine, an earring holder made from a modified picture frame, handmade earrings from her shop, a skirt and a dress for BBJ, pretty flower hair clips for BBJ, flowers to make more clips, some adorable vintage ribbon...and a few yards of cotton string and 8 clothespins. ??? (Thanks, Myrnie!!!)

(Here's what I could round up to photograph during BBJ's nap today. The rest of the items seem to have been squirreled away by a certain two year old in the house. Don't you love the earring holder? It was left over after her first craft show. Since Myrnie doesn't have pierced ears, she was a sweetie and donated the holder to me!)

Here's a close up of the vintage ribbon. Isn't it sweet?? There must be two yards of this stuff! I think I'll give it a good OxyClean bath and then maybe trim up a few aprons with it...or baby items! Oooh....a pair of shortalls for Siu Jeun, my son! The mind reels...

Here are the lovely earrings. Isn't Myrnie talented?

Any guess as to what the string and clothespins were for?? I'll tell you tomorrow!


Myrnie said...

Aww shucks....glad you liked it :)

Su said...

Wow! NICE package!
Now I'll be thinking of string and clothespins all night. Thanks :)

Brianne said...

Nice package! I'm glad it came when you needed it. I'm guessing the string and clothes pins are for a picture display. You hang the string on the wall and clip pictures to it.

Andrea said...

I love the vintage ribbon!

Phiphi said...

The vintage ribbon is reallt pretty. I'm a sucker for ribbons & trims...;). And the earring holder is certainly great ideas..:)
Hope you have a great day today..