Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Apron for Mommy

The other day, BBJ (my daughter) had had enough. She was tired of modeling an endless array of aprons, only to have them packaged up and shipped off to other giddy two year olds. We talked about it, and she led me by the hand to my fabric stash. I told her she could pick out any fabric she liked, and I would make an apron just for her.

She chose a white fabric with vibrant pink flowers, from IKEA. (Oddly enough, it matches the curtains in her room! Or, I should say - it's the same fabric I made her bedroom curtains from. hehe)

I chose a rich purple for the embellishments, and went to work.

My project was two-fold, though. See, I have a custom order in the works - a mama apron and two matching toddler aprons. The only problem is - I've never made a mama apron! (Girls, I think you'll agree with me on this one - our tops are shaped a smidge differently than our two year old counterparts, and I just wasn't sure how to make a flattering, chic, girly apron for that!) I used the rest of what I had in that print to do a test-run on the mommy apron pattern, for me!

It turned out pretty cute...but I did hit a speed bump.

(Can you spot the issue in that first picture below???)

I attached the straps to the wrong spots on the bodice! The neck straps made a bow approximately 36 feet across, while the waist straps barely met in the back.

I solved that problem by cutting off the neck straps to the appropriate length, and sewing the cut off bit to the too-short waist straps. Not very professional, but...well, it IS a test run, and it's just for me!

I think this will be my craft apron - the full skirt will do a nice job of catching the bits of thread and fabric that always seem to accumulate in my lap! (I let BBJ pick any fabric she liked...but seriously? White isn't a really practical color to wear in the kitchen!) I just feel like a Domestic Goddess when I put this apron on!

(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures...I took them while the light was good and the kids were asleep....in a full length mirror in the kitchen. My good camera is a little heavy to operate with one hand, so I used my point and shoot. I swear I just cleaned that mirror!)

I still have one question, though - does the mommy apron need a little patch of purple on the bodice, to balance out the purple on the waist and the hem? I was going to do a stripe of purple at the neck, but that just looked...unflattering. Please give me some feedback! You'll probably be seeing one of these mommy aprons hitting the shop soon. Yea!

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Brianne said...

It might look cute with a little purple pocket on top. Or not. I'd have to see it. I'm glad BBJ finally got an apron of her own :-).