Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sassy Little Girl Apron

Here's a little apron I made for the giveaway winner on Be Different...Act Normal. I couldn't send her one of the aprons I already had made up, because those ones were designed to fit toddlers. The winner had a toddler girl, and a kindergarten-aged daughter. The toddler already had an apron...but the kindergartner had none!

Well, that just can't be! Every little girl needs their own apron! This was the first apron I made from an upcycled/thrifted sheet.

I think the fabric makes great aprons...but can you imagine sleeping on that?! Seriously - how is bright red gingham checks supposed to make you drowsy?!


Su said...

That's very cute. The lucky girl is going to be very happy!

Andrea said...

LOL That is not something that would make me sleepy. Maybe they had trouble waking up? Anyway, the apron's really cute.

shelia said...

adorable! love the apron

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

Hi! Sorry for the confusion about the Treasury. I think I cleared it up. Look back at tip # 1 of today's post for the answer to your question. Thanks for asking!