Monday, March 16, 2009

Burp Cloth Hack

Faced with a rather messy little newborn, I realized that I was woefully short on appropriate burpcloths. I looked around and found a few flannel recieving blankets that we'd never used. (Seriously, who has kids small enough to be wrapped in those tiny things?!) Perfect!

Here's what I did -

Fold the blanket in half. This will be the length of your burpcloth.

Now, fold it in half the other way, then again. This is the width of your burpcloths. Snip through the folds that are along the long sides. Now you should have four strips of cloth. (I hate to waste cloth - that's why I did it this way. I knew that every piece would be used if I simply cut the blanket into equal pieces!)

Take each strip, fold so that the right sides are together. Sew along the three open sides, being SURE to stop about five inches from the end of the last side.

Clip the corners, turn right side out, poke out the corners, fuld the unsewn bit under, and top-stitch all the way around. (I love keeps things neat, and makes the finished product look so much more...finished. I usually topstitch in a contrasting color, but...white was in the machine, so white is what I used! I tend to do ALL my projects in either white or black. It's my signature move. Ha!)

Voila! Perfect little burpcloths! You can find flannel recieving blankets at the dollar store for $1 a piece, or check out your local garage sales or thrift shops. A perfect little Upcycling project!

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Su said...

What a cute little guy :)