Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WFMW: Diaper Pails

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This has been floating around in my head for a few weeks..I've just GOT to share. Remember, this is just what works for ME...I can't make any promises!

Here goes. I'm a Diaper Expert. I've got two kids under the age of three, and they're both still in diapers. (You may now proceed to both Pity Me and Bow Before My Wisdom.)

When BBJ was born, we made sure we had all the Gear. This included a second-hand Diaper Champ that we picked up from a local 2nd Hand sale. It was clean, odor free, and promised the same for my nursery!

Ummm...Epic Fail. Any of you with any sort of a diaper pail know what I'm talking about. It's fine when the thing's shut, but - seriously? - actually removing the diapers from the pail might kill you!

Here's what I found out - diapers placed in a plastic-lined wastebasket, with no lid, gave off a lot less odor. Hardly any, in fact. (I use grocery sacks.) My guess is that they weren't all inside baking, so...a lot less odor. Besides that, a plastic lined wastebasket holds a lot less than your average Diaper Champ, so the diapers have a lot less time to...ripen?

Finally, look at the fine-print on your box of diapers. The chances are really good that there's a little snippet on there somewhere that instructs you to "empty solids into a toilet before disposing." Ever seen that on there? Trust me - empty whatever you can into a toilet before you chuck your diaper into your open, plastic-lined wastebasket, and everything will smell MUCH better.

So, that's what works for me! For more great tips, head over to We Are THAT Family!

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Myrnie said...

Yeah, NO to diaper pails. We keep the NB diapers in the kitchen garbage, and it's fine :)