Monday, March 23, 2009

A Spring Swap!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the sign ups are OPEN for the 6 o'clock stitch's Spring Swap! I'm thinking this is going to be so much fun. The swap is open to international participants, so anyone can play! This is only my second swap, but I'm thinking it's a pretty do-able one. The swap items are small, so I won't feel guilty when I send a set of napkins to someone and get a box full of swag back! (Seriously - are there professional swappers out there that just cruise the Target sales finding seasonally-themed swag?!)

The basic rules are this - your item must be exactly 8x10, and be ready to be framed. However, it cannot COME framed. (This'll save on shipping costs. ;-)) The item must include the colors red, and yellow, and have a SPRING theme. Your swap item can be any media you like - paper, fabric, whatever! It's just got to be framable (is that a word?!) and 8x10.

For the rest of the deets (including deadlines!), click on the banner above. I hope you'll play along!

(Hey, even if you're not going to participate in the Swap, I HIGHLY recommend clicking over the 6 o'clock stitch anyhow! She's an amazing Crafty blogger. She hosts a weekly Mr. Linky where you can post your Etsy Giveaways, Promotions and Sales. She also hosts a monthly Mr. Linky where you can link up your fabulous tutorials. Oh, and she's got this on-going series on promoting your Etsy shop that's just awesome. Love her!)

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LollyChops said...

How neat.. I am going to think on this today to see if I can come up with something before I sign up! I would love to participate!