Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crafty Challenge with ChristyNelson.net

*This just in - make sure you head over to www.christynelson.net and vote for your favorite March Craft Challenge Craft! If you want to, you could even vote for me - the "floppy bunny shaker." The craft with the most votes gets a $25 bundle of patterns. Sweet!!

Oh, kids - this was so much fun. About a month ago, I answered a tweet - "Looking for a crafty blogger."

Ooh, ooh - pick me! I'm a blogger! I'm crafty! I'm a crafty blogger!

Turns out there this cool gal named Christy Nelson who has a sweet little etsy shop, and a monthly Craft Challenge. She wanted a crafty blogger to participate in her challenge, and live to blog about it. So, here I am!

Here's the run-down: You go to her shop and buy the Craft Challenge packet for the coming month. She mails all the packets out at once, and you have until nearly the end of the following month to use at least a little bit of each one of the supplies in the kit to create a Something. (The offerings this month included a tiara, some snazzy flip flops, and bitty Faberge-type eggs!)

I had so much fun with my kit! The March kit included a bit of pink fabric, a few lengths of curling ribbon, two plastic eggs and a handful of buttons and plastic pearls. Everything was in lovely pastels...I immediately thought of Easter!

Not just Easter...but BUNNIES. (I blame LollyChops...) I was imagining a sort of rag-bunny, a sort of a nod to the old rag dolls that my grandmother would have made for herself to play with.

Here's what I came up with. What do you think?

He's got some little buttons inside his belly - they make a nice jolly little rattle! This toy isn't baby proof, by any means, but I think my two year old will be excited to find it in her Easter basket!

I was thinking....Christy sells her packages in a "subscription" format, or a la carte. Wouldn't a 6 month subscription make an AWESOME gift for a budding craftster, kid or otherwise? It's only a few dollars a month, and I think a little parcel in the mail every month could be perfect to get yourself out of any crafty slumps that may arise!

The super fun part is after you complete the challenge - everybody's completed challenges are uploaded to her Flickr pool, put up for a vote, and the winner gets the next month's packet free! (Do you think I have a shot??)

If it looks like fun, make sure you head over to Christy's shop and put in your order for April's challenge - the deadline is 3/27!