Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bit of Elephantine Goodness

A baby blanket for an expectant friend, and the result of a sick-day home from church with two flu-ey and snotty kids, plus two parents exhausted from a night of caring for them.

When my sister had her first baby over four years ago, her nana-in-law gifted her with some fabulous (and huge!) flannel blankets for her little one. I saw those, and thought..."I can do that!"

Well, ok. Back up. First, my sister explained that I could, in fact, do that. Then I received a sewing machine from my parents for my birthday. Then I hit up a fabric sale and bought a ton of flannel for $.99 a yard. Then I started sewing like a mad woman and made 15 blankets to give to friends during the coming year. So, thanks Myrnie. Now, I can do that.

PS - Myrnie has started a new blog - DIY Mama. It's full of tips for how it yourself. Want to re-landscape your yard and fill it with veg? Eat meat responsibly? Make your own yogurt, soy milk or laundry detergent? If any of that sounds like you, or something you'd like to learn about, head over. She's been researching and trying and thinking her hardest thinks for over a year...and this little blog is just the beginning. Head on over and check it out!
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Myrnie said...

Love the fabric choice! The baby will be so snuggly :) (And yes: flannel blankets are the best baby present ever. EVER. :)

Thanks for the shout out!!!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I love those little elephants. My sister made me a whole stack of those flannel blankets when I had my first one and they have been fantastic. I still haven't given them up and my youngest is 4!

JHill said...

Look at you, sewing straight lines like a pro! I would hate you except I am still riding a wave of happy created by those adorable fabrics. You lucked out this time. :P