Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thing a Day 17: Patches and Patchwork!

(Do you see my little "helper" in the back there? Love that kid! You can also see how I get any work done! I ALSO love baby gates. *grin*)

Two things today! My friend and I are still working on our baby quilt and hope to have it done in time for Saturday's baby shower. Today, we got the quilt top put together, and sandwiched. 

Oh, and this girl? Never quilted before. Ever. She was a professional "stitch setter" in Manhattan, in another life (ie - pre kids) and the girl has CHOPS. She thinks I'm "teaching her how to quilt." All I did was tell her "1/4" seams. Press them open. Match up the seams." I must be the best teacher in the world. ;-) 

My second "thing" was in response to a sad little girl who had put two holes in ANOTHER pair of jeans - the second in a week! She wanted square patches on this pair. 

1 comment:

Myrnie said...

I can't figure these patches out. I think when you wash them, the edges will fray, and will eventually fray right past the embroidery stitching.

Why won't they?

That quilt is CUTE!