Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thing a Day 20: Ramen that Tastes Good (and gifting the quilt!)

The baby shower was this morning, and the quilt has been gifted. Yea!

For dinner, all we had the energy to make was...ramen. But! I'm a resourceful lady, with a load of veg left over from Chinese New Year that need to meet their I made some "toppings" - fried eggs, teriyaki tofu and a sort of onion/bell pepper/hot dog saute. (Hey, I've got kids to feed...and a freezer that needs to be emptied!)


Myrnie said...

The quilt is gorgeous (but the thought of peppers and onions and hotdogs isn't doing it for me.)

shelia said...

Love the quilt...not the dogs... :)