Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing a Day 23: Deep Dark...

...in a corner of the house....tulips, waiting to bud! 

I looked up directions on forcing flowers, and then recruited my two littles to help me. Pick up the pebbles, put them in the pans. No, not in your mouth...in the man! Yes, good...no, do NOT throw them. Thank you. Good job, big sister! Now, smooth them all out. Yes, please, hand me bulbs...ok. Good. Good. Now water...no, stop! Don't bump me! Ok, just enough water. Now let's carry them all downstairs!

These pots of rocks and bulbs and water will wait in a dark corner of my boiler room for a few weeks, and then (hopefully) I'll have some beautiful blooms come April!


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Ha ha , I think I had the same conversation today only it was during cooking time. Can't wait to see the tulips!

Maria said...

Your house is going to look lovely!
We have forced daffodils and crocus that just started blooming this week. It's amazing how flowers in the middle of winter can lift the spirits!