Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving Spaces

(Edited to fix the picture links. Blogger seems to have eaten my links during the night. Grrrr. 'cause it couldn't POSSIBLY be a user error.....)

The Stuff to move upstairs

The emptied desk...a few things are staying down here, until I figure out what I need in the craft room, and what's better near the kitchen.

The REASON for the move. Oy. Why are little boys INTENT on killing themselves?!

The newly cleared workspace! Ahhhh....much better.


Lo Gung said...

none of these pictures are showing up. :(

OliveStreetStudio said...

Oh do we need to do that too! Next weekend is the big room-shift with daughter swapping with the guest room and I get her small room for sewing.

BTW- I sent the Fat Quarter Swap - you should get it soon!!

Su said...

Wow! What a nice working space you have. I'll still working on the floor.. lol.
Little boys find all sorts of ways to get into trouble, don't they? they are so cute though.