Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Test Patch

Heh. We'll see if this works - this is a test, because I don't know if my extra space on Picasa has loaded yet, and a patch because...well, my girl put holes in BOTH knees of ANOTHER pair of jeans. This time, she chose "quares."

And, yes, I giggled the first time she said it. I adore that she doesn't automatically stick S's on the beginnings of S-consonant words. H-nowman. 'tars. 'poon. 'tickers. (Wager a guess, y'all - what is she talking about? First one to get all four right gets...10,000 brownie points, and a shout out on LoLo Craft! Oooooh......)
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Myrnie said...

Umm...snowman, stars, spoon, stickers. I am the mother of Ernie, this doesn't phase me.


Brianne said...

Really? I'm just hoping for a shoutout :-).


Tammy said...

If people beat me then I lose my shoutout? Bummer. My kid has a tricky time with s's also.

Tammy said...

If you insist... Snowman, stars, spoon and stickers... can't lose a shoutout on Aunt LoLo's blog!